How to butterfly cut chicken breast

Butterfly cut chicken breast

Why you would use this skill:

  • Quicker frying of chicken
  • Increased food safety as less likely to leave raw chicken after cooking.
  • Increased moisture held in the chicken breast.
Knife cutting through chicken


  1. Lay the breast flat on a clean chopping board.
  2. Place your hand on the chicken breast, apply a small amount of pressure and cut horizontally through the breast from one side to the other, stopping half an inch before the other end.
  3. Open it out and you’ll have a breast of half the thickness. Slice the breast and continue cooking as normal.

Extra optional step:

To make the meat even flatter and more even, with the chicken laying flat, put a sheet of baking paper both sides (above and below the meat), then bash with a rolling pin. The paper stops cross contamination.

Flattening out chicken further

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