The view from the Orchard

Even though our Orchard is closed to the public, that doesn’t mean it’s not growing. It’s spring of course, so there’s no lockdown for the plants. Here are a collection of photos to show what’s still going on, even though our volunteers aren’t able to be there currently.

Last year, one of our young volunteers, Isla, donated her birthday money to the project. The cherry trees are now flowering, as you can see!

Around the Orchard all sorts of plants are starting to flower. One of them is the cowslip – ours were grown originally by a couple of young volunteers, Ava and Hollie Lynas. There are also a lot of different types of flower thriving in our alpine garden.

Snakes head fritillaries are in flower at the moment. They were a favourite subject for painting by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The pear, damson and plum trees are in flower, although the cold winds we’ve been having have been preventing the bees getting out to pollinate them.

Finally, we need a bit of help. You might have seen that one of the new additions to our Orchard is… a dinosaur! While he’s one of the few allowed out and about during lockdown, one thing our Jurassic colleague needs is a name.

Send us your best name suggestion on Facebook or drop us an email, and we’ll choose the winner at the end of the month.