Three tonnes of food shared in busy EATS Rosyth summer

EATS Rosyth shared over three tonnes of food during the summer holidays this year, running or catering for over 50 events.

Summer provision funds paid for extra pizza events for teenagers and primary age children, helping them to learn cooking skills, taste healthy toppings and have lots of fun.

Extra provisions helped us pay for surplus food from Fareshare (850kg) and the staff time to share all of our surplus, (2410kg).

We provided healthy lunches and snacks for approximately 300 kids (and coaches) over six days at Rosyth Fleet Grounds, working in collaboration with Fife Council, the CLD team, SWF Community Sports Partnership, Scottish Fire & Rescue service and Rosyth Youth & Childrens F.C.

In addition the EATS team provided lunch and snacks for CLD events in Parkgate, Inverkeithing and at our orchard for outdoor Families Growing Together activities.

A team of three part time staff and 35 volunteers contributed time to the summer programme, with an average of about 100 volunteer hours per week.

The lunch exceeded our expectations – staff at Rosyth Youth Football camp

Surplus food shared from the EATS Rosyth Community Hub

Kids enjoy a lunch at Rosyth FC’s Fleet Grounds

As always, we strive to meet EATWELL nutritional guidelines and our volunteers work hard to produce the best quality three-course meals, often from surplus ingredients.

We were able to deliver all of this on top of our usual twice-weekly community meals, three courses for a pay as you feel donation, which are attended by around 30 people each Thursday and Friday.

This is a fantastic help to families and others struggling. It can be hard in the school holidays. – mum shopping for kids meals

This resource is about so much more than reducing food waste, it’s about caring and breaking down barriers. I love it and will continue to pop in regularly. – shopper for surplus and Fareshare