Fruit trees, bees and more!

Just over the road from the Community Garden is the Centenary Orchard.

It’s filled with a variety of trees and plants, a classroom, different project areas like the willow den and children’s gardening plot, and our three beehives! The orchard acts as an important part of Rosyth’s biodiversity.

The well hidden 0.83 acre piece of land commemorates 100 years of Rosyth being Scotland’s only Garden City. There are over 60 native fruit trees and wild flowers and soft fruits planted there. Our colonies of Scottish black bees love the surrounding plants, and provide us with honey. We also use the beeswax to make food wraps! See the Rosyth Orchard Honey Bees Facebook page for more information.

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved with our work in the orchard.

Below you’ll find some lovely photos from summer 2020. They’re just a sneaky peek of some of the beautiful plants and flowers that make the orchard such a lovely place to be.